Cassia Grandis seeds
  • Cassia Grandis seeds
  • Cassia Grandis seeds

Cassia Grandis seeds

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Cassia grandis, one of several species called coral shower tree, and known as carao in Spanish, is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to the neotropics, that grows up to 30 m (98 ft). It grows in forests and open fields at lower elevations, and is known to be planted as an ornamental.

Quantity: 10 gm per packet.

Germination Rate: Min.60%

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Cassia grandis is a medium-sized tree, up to 20(-30) m tall, semideciduous, young branches and inflorescence covered with rusty lanate indumentum.

Leaves with 10-20 pairs of leaflets, petiole 2-3 cm long, lanate, leaflets subsessile, elliptical-oblong, 3-5 cm x 1-2 cm, subcoriaceous, rounded at both ends.

Inflorescence a lateral raceme, 10-20 cm long, 20-40-flowered; flowers with sepals 5-8 mm long, petals initially red, fading to pink and later orange, the median one red with a yellow patch, stamens 10 with hirsute anthers, 3 long ones with filaments up to 30 mm and anthers 2-3 mm long, 5 short ones with filaments 7-9 mm and anthers 1-1.5 mm long, 2 reduced ones with filaments about 2 mm long.

Fruit pendent, compressed, 20-40(-60) cm long, 3-5 cm in diameter, blackish, glabrous, woody, rugose; seeds 20-40 per pod, surrounded by sweetish pulp.