Carrot Nantes
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  • Carrot Nantes

Carrot Nantes

Tax included Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

Bright orange throughout. Sweet, juicy, fine-grained flesh. Straight and smooth.

Sowing Temp: 20-25°C
Plant Height: 35 cm, 
Fruit Size: 15-20 cm long
Sowing distance: 15 cm Plant to Plant, 
Best for: Bed Sowing,
Sowing method: Direct sowing.

Quantity: 50 seeds pack.


The 6- to 7-inch roots are firm, straight, and not tapered, with inconspicuous cores and plenty of tender, crisp, and ultra-sweet flavor in every bite. Nantes is an exceptionally sweet variety just made for slicing!

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