Rotary Tiller - MTZ 215 DIESEL ENGINE

Rotary Tiller - MTZ 215 DIESEL ENGINE


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Rugged and reliable, easy to handle and intuitive to use, Oleo-Mac rotary tillers are designed to facilitate soil preparation and cultivation over large areas. Designed for safety and manufactured with durable materials, Oleo-Mac tillers offer significant benefits for professional users (gardeners, growers, landscaping contractors), also suitable for all domestic gardening enthusiasts.

1. The chain guard is reinforced to withstand flying stones and accidental impact.

2. The front wheel is included for transport purposes, and can be raised when the machine engages the soil.

3. All models are equipped with the latest generation OHV engines that offer optimal performance and reduced fuel consumption.

4. External gear selector, ergonomically designed and easily accessible.

5. The handlebars are fully adjustable: up and down, to adapt to the user’s height and build, and sideways (offset), allowing the operator to walk alongside crops without treading on the freshly turned soil. 

6. Towing hitch .

7. Oil-bath gear drive for high mechanical strength and reduced maintenance.

8. Broad choice of accessories for use of the rotary tiller as a plough, or rotary brush.

Maintenance Guide: 

  • Change the engine oil for every 6 months or every 50 hours of operation.

  • Check the fuel filter and replace it if it is damaged or excessively soiled.

  • Clean the air filter and replace it periodically.

  • Keep the cooling circuit clean and periodically clean or replace the spark plug.

  • Clean the cylinder fins periodically by brushing or blasting it with compressed air.

  • Periodically lubricate the mechanical linkages, control cables and belt tensioner pivot with oil.

  • Check the condition of the blades periodically and sharpen or replace as necessary.

  • At least once during every season, check the tightness of all nuts and bolts, especially those of the blade rotor.

  •  Inspect and adjust the tensioner and propulsion control cables.

Power / Dispalcement
5.5 HP / 296 CC
90 kg with Diesel engine
Engine Make
Gear Box
3 - speed (2 forward speed + 1 reverse)
Dimensions (mm)
1350 x 800 x 600-870 (L1 x H1 x W1)
Oil bath Gearbox
Oil-immersed bevel type
Handle Bars
with vertical and horizontal adjustment
87 cm with lateral protection discs.
Max.Speed at no load
2100 RPM
Towing Hitch
Model Number
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