Kasei Multi tool Brush cutter
  • Kasei Multi tool Brush cutter
  • Kasei Multi tool Brush cutter
  • Kasei Multi tool Brush cutter

Kasei Multi Tool Brush cutter

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The brushcutters are representative products which we cooperate with ETG. High configuration makes it with outstanding performance. It matches with important starting starter, which has high reliability. The cylinder cover and spark plug cap combined in whole, looks beautiful and imported needle bearing is excellent in durability. The 23CC engine has passed 125 hour durability test and 40CC engine has surpassed 300 hour durability test.

KZ - 4000 MT - Pro - 2S with Walbro-Japan Carburetor with Four Attachments: 

Hedge Trimmer 

Cutting width : 390mm , Max cutting Dia: 5mm

Pole Pruner 

Cutting length : 255mm, Nose sprocket : 7 Teeth 

Lawn Edger

Max Operating Depth : 65mm, Thickness of blade: 3mm


Cutting width : 320mm, Max Operating Depth: 80mm

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  • Fuel efficient: Low emission technology which saves fuel by 20-25%.

  • Over load protection: Magento with digital control chip, rate limiting protection, increasing service life effectively, enhancing the over load protection.

  • Magnesium alloy material: This application makes the machine light.

  • New designed control handle: The combined handle, which includes switch, throttle control and safety operation make the operation more comfortable.

  • Easy opened belt.


  • The best machines for relatively small areas are electric trimmers. Generally rated between 500 and 1000 Watt, they are ideal for trimming jobs on small, level areas with obstacles.

  • On more or less level surfaces near obstructions, brushcutters are the better option. For grass cutting and trimming jobs, a brushcutter of between 25 and 40 cm³ displacement will be enough; more demanding tasks on uneven ground should be performed using more powerful brushcutters of between 40 and 60 cm³ displacement.

  • For performing jobs on surfaces with particularly accentuated height differences, or among reeds and thicker undergrowth, or if conditions are rendered generally more difficult by obstacles, sloping ground or the intensity of use,backpack models of 40 and 60 cm³ displacement are preferable.


  • Clean the air filter after every 10 hours of operation, replace if excessively soiled or damaged.

  • Inspect the fuel filter periodically, replace if damaged or excessively soiled.

  • Clean the cylinder fins by brushing, or blasting with compressed air.

  • Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap.

  • Check the grease level on the bevel drive after every 30 hours of use.

  • Grease the end of the flexible pipe after every 20 hours of use, and the joint of the rigid pipe (backpack models) after every 100 hours.

  • Clean the machine and the cutter assembly at the end of every job.

  • Sharpen the blade periodically.

Data sheet

Engine Type
2 Stroke
Power / Dispalcement
1.6HP/1.25Kw - 39.8CC
Fuel Tank Capacity
Handle Bar
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