Oleo Mac Chainsaw GS35

Oleo Mac Chainsaw GS35

Oleo-Mac chainsaws come in a full range of models designed to offer the right solution to Individual requirements. Pruning, felling, lopping: Oleo-Mac offers models with different specifications to suit the job in hand. However, each and every chainsaw in the range is characterised by top quality, reliable performance and easy use and maintenance. Furthermore, the engine's low consumption and linear torque-speed response ensure premium performance even during extended periods of continuous duty. All machines are fitted with the very best safety devices, whilst electric models boast quality certification issued by the most important bodies such as VDE. GS and IMO. 

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  • The decompression valve facilitates starting.

  • The "EASY ON" starting system ensures any user can set the machine running simply and effortlessly; with a minimum number of pulls on the cord.

  • The "RIMER" facilitates starting even in the harshest climates.

  • The chain can be fitted and adjusted without using tools. The ergonomic no tools system means the chain can tensioned easily in matter of seconds. 

  • Forged steel crankshaft and piston with two rings for greater strength and durability.

  • Single multifunction lever incorporating on-off, half throttle and choke control devices : practical and easy to use.

  • Carburetor with anti-vibration  mount guarantees stable fuel in whatever conditions.

  • Aluminium Oil sump: ensures zero flow with engine idling and long durable service.


  • For general tasks in and around the home, such as cutting up firewood, light pruning or small DIY building jobs, an electric chain saw is just the job. Rated from 1.5 to 2 kW. this machine is ideal for performing even the most demanding tasks quickly and comfortably.

  • For lopping and limbing. chopping down small plants and cutting up firewood, we recommend a lightweight machine of between 4 and 5 Kg with a displacement of between 35 and 45 cm'.

  • For intensive work requiring maximum reliability and consistent long-term performance, the best machines are professional chain saws, with over 50 cm' displacement Weighing just 5 to 10 Kg, they are ideal for felling and cutting up large trees.

  • For pruning jobs, the ideal machines are professional pruning chain saws, which provide the perfect blend of power. lightweight construction and easy handling. Equipped with a top handle, they are ideal for professional pruning operations and other precision work, such as grafting or surgery carried out on wounded or diseased plants.

  • For lopping and trimming overhead, or wherever there is uneven or sloping ground to contend with, a pruner is best. Thanks to a telescopic pole, cuts can be made up to 5 metres above ground, and therefore even on the highest branches. The saw itself is adjustable through intermediate angular settings from 0° to 90°. 


  • After every 10 hours of operation, remove the cover and clean the air filter, replace if damaged or excessively soiled.

  • Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically.

  • Clean the cylinder fins periodically by brushing, or blasting with compressed air.

  •  Inspect and clean the spark plug periodically.

  • Check the electrode gap periodically.

  • After every 30 hours of operations, remove the screw on the bevel drive and and the grease level (pruner).

  • Check and, if necessary, replace replace the chain safety stop (chainsaw).

  • Turn the guide bar and make sure that the lubrication holes are free from impurities (chainsaw).

Engine Type
2 Stroke
Power / Dispalcement
Oil / Fuel tank capacity
Bar Length (nose)
Chain (pitch x gauge)
0.375" x .050
Oil Pump
Automatic / Adjustable
Dry Weight without bar and chain
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