Flower Mix

Flower Mix

FLOWER MIX is the complete planned food. Mixture of various organic nutrients which are extracted from all types of oil cakes which supplies all required nutrients for indoor and outdoor flowering plants.

1 PACK : 400 Grams flower mix.

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ADVANTAGES: Improves soil structure, uptake of nutrients and water by the plants. activates soil, improves capacity to hold water and helps to grow healthy root system, by loosening the soil, provides better aeration. It works as a pest repellent since it contains neem cake. And also it helps plants to keep healthy, colourful and dark green plants.

HOW TO USE: apply 50 grams (5 teaspoon full) spread uniformly 5-10 cm away from the plants, 3 cm below the soil, mix thoroughly, give water adequately. Apply FLOWER MIX for every 10 days once for good plant growth and flower yield.


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