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Tabubia Arjentia Seeds
Tabubia Arjentia Seeds
Tabubia Arjentia Seeds
Tabubia Arjentia Seeds
Tabubia Arjentia Seeds
Tabubia Arjentia Seeds

Tabubia Arjentia Seeds

The common name 'Silver Trumpet Tree' and the species name argentea refer to the silvery cast to the leaves. Slightly confusingly, however, the tree is also called the ‘Golden Trumpet Tree’ or ‘Yellow Trumpet Tree’, and this refers to the tree's magnificent flowering habit.

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Germination Rate: Min.60%.

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Silver Trumpet Tree is a small and very beautiful semi-deciduous tree from the tropical rainforests of South America. It grows around 3 to 6 metres tall, forming an open crown of slender branches. It has beautifully fissured grey bark. 

For most of the year, the tree has very attractive silvery/green-grey foliage. During late winter/spring (and sometimes sporadically throughout the year) the tree puts on a brilliant display, being covered profusely in 8cm bright yellow, trumpet shaped flowers.
The leaves often drop just before the flowers appear. Some trees drop 100% of their leaves, making the flowers even more prominent and spectacular. When many trees are planted in a group, the effect is stunning.
Trumpet trees make an ideal patio, specimen, or lawn tree. They can be kept as a container plant for a few years until they get too large. They are a medium to fast growing species. They are no good near pools or anywhere where you don’t want leaves and flowers to drop. They don’t have invasive roots.
This species is sometimes named as Tabebuia aurea or Tabebuia caraiba.

They need deep, humus-rich soil with good drainage, and high humidity. They are tolerant of a wide range of soil types ranging from acidic to alkaline. The tree grows best in open partial shade to full sunlight, with some shelter from wind to protect the flowers. It has good drought tolerance after it is established.
Trees should be protected from frost. Although some will leaf out following a freeze, the tree is often weakened and grows poorly.
Seed germination
Seeds germinate readily in a short time (1-2 weeks). Germination is best from fresh seeds, so please plant these as soon as possible.
You don’t need to do anything special to get the seeds germinating. Seeds are very thin, so sow them lying flat on top of the potting mix, and cover them very lightly with just enough potting mix or plain sand to stop the seeds from blowing away in the wind (only 1-3 millimetres deep). Keep them moist (but not sodden) until they start to germinate. Don’t let the potting mix and seeds dry out until they have finished germinating – drying out will probably kill the seeds and they won’t recover.

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